Short Term Medical

Lost your job and can't afford Cobra? Are you waiting for your new job's group health plan and need a temporary policy for 2 - 3 months?  

Then consider a Short Term, or sometimes referred to as a temporary policy to "fill in the gap" till your major medical plan goes into effect.

Are you self-employed, a college student, or simply on a limited budget and can't afford a major medical plan? Then consider a Short Term Medical Plan!

Benefits Available:

  • PPO Networks (Nationwide) 
  • $250,000 - 1,000,000 Coverage
  • Doctor visits and Urgent Care co-pay (some plans)
  • Accident & Hospital/Sickness Supplemental Benefits (at an additional cost)


Short Term Medical Plans may be a valuable alternative for healthy families looking for cost effective solutions in today's challenging health insurance world.

Call me today for a free quote.  If you qualify, you could have insurance in as little as 24 -48 hours!

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